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Our mission is to bring style back to comfortable shoes!

scarlettos-milena-nathanial-freo.jpgDelighted is a massive understatement to describe the way I feel when presenting our shoes to people for the first time.

After much research, we have developed a range of shoes for real women seeking exquisite and affordable designer shoes, in a range of vibrant colours and unique textures that not only look super-stylish but also feel great on your feet!

Yes, FINALLY comfortable shoes that don’t look like 'comfort' shoes!

How Scarlettos came to life …

Corporate life in the fast-paced financial industry and (painfully) wearing stiletto shoes every day for many years inspired me on a mission. After a thorough yet fruitless search, I realised that I was not the only one seeking elegant, fashionable, comfortable, well-made shoes that don’t cost the earth.

So the seed was planted and I was inspired to solve this problem for all women who simply want to look good while feeling comfortable and confident in stylish shoes.

My passion, (borderline obsession), to solve this problem has become one of the most exciting and rewarding ventures of my business life. The result has been the creation of Scarlettos, an exquisite and affordable designer shoe, in a range of styles, colours and textures as vibrant as the women who wear them.

By breaking beliefs and boundaries Scarletto’s has turned shoe design on its head with an amazing looking shoe featuring unique textures, prints and colours ensuring that Scarlettos are not just an accessory to an outfit, they are the true showpiece.

Stylish + Vibrant + Comfortable + Affordable = Scarletto’s!

As well as being stylish, I have created an affordable, designer shoe with substance and soul (or should that be sole, if you can stand the pun). We have produced comfortable, well-made flats, mid-heels, wedges and stilettos that can be worn all day, every day. Yes that’s right, a unique, comfortable, elegant shoe for less than $200!

Unmatched Comfort - It’s what’s on the inside that counts!

scarlettos-lucifer-305x457.jpgThrough some ‘interesting’ marketing, somehow we have been brainwashed into thinking that a good quality shoe is about having a leather upper. This is not true, like a good person, it’s what’s inside that matters.

The insole (the part of the shoes that actually touches your foot) of the entire Scarletto's range is made of genuine leather. A leather insole allows your Scarletto’s to conform to the shape of your foot so they feel better each time you wear them!

Having leather lining your foot is the difference between a great shoe you will wear for years and a cheap and nasty stinky shoe that hurts every time you wear it.

Extra Cushioning Underfoot

Also, inside your Scarletto's shoe is an additional lining made from high-density latex, the same material used in high-performance sporting shoes. Not only does this provide cushioning down the entirety of your foot, (believe it or not, most high heel shoes stop the lining at the arch leaving the balls of your feet exposed to the impact of every step), but it also provides support where you need it most.

Comfortable Enough To Be Worn Everyday

The secret to Scarletto’s success is that our shoes don’t just look good they have important qualities like durability and comfort ensuring that your shoes spend more time looking good on your feet than in your wardrobe or under your office desk.

Our shoes are designed especially for real women who want a bit of glamour in their life and wearing Scarletto’s is all about oozing style while feeling comfortable and confident!

Your satisfaction guaranteed

scarlettos-octavious-305x457.jpgThe creation of Scarlettos has been a fun and emotional journey for me. I know how important great shoes are to us women and your satisfaction is extremely important to me.

We have an unsurpassed dedication to customer service. Every online customer receives a call from me or a member of the Scarletto’s team to ensure they are delighted with their purchase, that their shoes fit and to answer any questions they may have about keeping them in the best possible condition.

If your size is not right or you are not happy with anything for any reason, simply return your purchase within 30 days for a replacement pair or a full refund, no questions asked!

We LOVE your feedback and DO listen!

We have listen carefully to your feedback and have responded with a wider range of styles, more colours (as it is not uncommon for a customer to order all colours in the same style after receiving their first pair), along with a greater range of sizes. From our Spring Collection 2016, we are now offering sizes 35 through to 43 in all our styles.

We have a facebook page where we love you to post your comments and photos of you rocking your Scarletto’s so please do not hesitate to contact us at any time and share your story!

*Limited Stock:

Remember Scarlettos is a boutique brand and we make limited stock in all styles. All our Collections are limited and not restocked. So be sure to get them before she does! Happy shopping!

Sharing the love of quality shoes,


Candice Bernardoni (Scarletto’s Passionate Founder & Designer)