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Your Bag

It's super easy to WIN FREE SHOES each month, here's how ...

Ok ladies, each month we are giving away a Free Pair of Scarletto's of your choice to our #ScarlettosSister of the Month.

It is super easy to enter to be in the running, here's how:

  1. Take a photo or video of you and your Scarlettos. This could be you opening them or wearing them with your favourite outfit or your shoes on show in a fabulous location, it's up to you. Get creative but we do love pics with you in them!
  2. Post to Instagram and tag uss at #ScarlettosSister & @Scarlettos_Shoes. If you prefer to use facebook, simply post the pic or video to our facebook page.

  3. In the comments, tell us why you love them so much.

You're done! You are in the running to be our wonderful #ScarlettosSister of Month! 

Happy Snapping & Good Luck!

Candice xo