Following you will find some of of the most common questions we receive from our customers.
If your query isn't addressed here, please feel free to contact Scarletto's Customer service here.

How exclusive are your designs?

305x457-nathanialbest.jpgTo ensure our designs remain unique, we only make a maximum of 200 pairs of each style (approx. 30 pairs in each size) in our collections. These are not re-stocked and are sold on a first-in best dressed (excuse the pun) basis. All of our shoes and accessories are sold via our website and through selected boutiques. You can find out stockists here.

Where are your shoes designed?

Our entire Scarletto's Collection is designed at the Scarletto’s headquarters on Queensland’s Sunshine Coast, Australia. Each of our designs aims to push the boundaries of style by using a variety of different textures, prints, materials and colours to match the vibrant personality of our customer.

Where are your shoes manufactured?

Our shoes are proudly manufactured in China. We specifically selected our manufacturing headquarters because of their ability to adhere to our unconventional manufacturing requirements, which challenge traditional ‘affordable’ shoe designs with a commitment to comfort, quality and knock-out looks.

An ex-pat Australian staff member (Kelly) is permanently located in China to ensure only the best quality shoe is being produced to our uncompromising standards. We regularly visit the factory to inspect the manufacturing process and from an ethical perspective we can say with hand-on-our-heart that the conditions and infrastructure are among the best we have seen in the world.

What makes the manufacture of your shoes different?

Our dual focus on comfort and style means that we create shoes unlike any other. The extended measures we take to ensure the comfort and long-lasting quality of Scarletto’s means that much of the shoe is actually hand-crafted to meticulous standards. During our production process, many of the manufacturers thought we were crazy going to this level of detail for a shoe that would retail for under $200. But we would not be swayed on our quest for designer style and everyday comfort. It’s our commitment to quality that has proved itself over the test of time.

Why are Scarletto’s so comfortable?

305x457-denzelzoom2.jpgThe main point of difference between most affordable designer shoes and Scarletto’s is that not only do our shoes look stunning but they feel great as well.

Let’s start with the inside of your Scarletto’s shoe and examine the parts of the shoe that touch your foot. In most shoes, you’ll find the interior is made from synthetic materials whereas your Scarletto’s feature a full-leather lining that allows your foot to breathe and for your shoe to stretch and hug the natural shape of your foot. You’ll notice that every time you wear your Scarletto’s they’ll feel more comfortable. This insole/sock and lining is the most expensive factor to manufacture but our dedication to comfort gives Scarletto’s the substance to be the everyday heroes of your wardrobe. And let’s face it, you and your feet are worth it!

Then let’s look at the sole where we use a high-density rubber for the entire length of the sole, (not cheap PVC or resin), to cushion your foot and make your shoes more durable and longer-wearing. There’s air foam padding to support the heel and the arch with high-density latex cushioning supporting the ball of the foot. Our peep-toe designs have additional cushioning in the platform adding extra height along with a surprising level of comfort.

How long does it take for my order to arrive?

Regular Shipping takes 5-10 days.

Express Option orders will be shipped within 24 hours and arrive between 1-5 business days.

Your order will be delivered by either Australia Post from our Australian warehouse or by international courier from our overseas warehouse. To ensure quickest delivery please ensure you list a physical address (NOT A PO BOX) as courier packages will need a signature on delivery. See more on our shipping information here.

What happens after my order arrives?

Please wear your shoes with style and pizazz! A few days after your delivery, expect a call from one of the Scarletto’s team – most likely our founder Candice Bernardoni. Don’t worry – she won’t be trying to sell you another pair (but by this stage, you probably will want more), we will just be checking that your shoes arrived safely, are the correct size and answer any questions you may have about them. We want you to be delighted with your new Scarletto’s and to share the joy with your friends.

We would LOVE you to take a photo of you unwrapping or wearing your shoes and post it on our facebook page if possible!

Can I buy the entire collection?

stirling-sku12219-2.pngDon’t laugh, this is actually one of our most frequently asked questions by our customers. Many of our customers have purchased the entire collection of heels, peep-toes and/or flats. If you find yourself in that boat, just let us know before you place your order so we can give you a discount code.

How do I stock Scarletto’s in my store?

The current collection of Scarletto’s is available for overnight delivery to your store. Simply order the styles you require in the sizes you know sell in your store. Becoming a Scarletto’s retailer couldn’t be easier, just contact us for more information about our friendly terms.

Do your shoes cater to wide feet?

Scarletto’s shoes have been designed to cater for a large range of feet both wide and narrow. All our shoes have full leather linings, insoles and socks which allows the shoe to mould and stretch the shape of each foot. Our flats in particular have longer toe pieces and higher sides to allow for width without collapsing or buckling at the sides. This design also helps to elongate wide feet for a more elegant look.

How do I know my size?

Please download our size chart so you can be sure that you are ordering the perfect size for you. As our stocks are limited we would hate to disappoint you should you have to return your shoes and we have sold out of your size.


Will you be stocking more sizes?

Yes, we have had huge demand for larger sizes such as 42 and 43 as well as smaller sizing such as 35.

Our fans will be happy to know that our sizing range has been extended to included these new sizes and from our Spring 2016 collections (mid-heels and wedges) our sizing will range from 35 through to 43.

As our collections are limited to only 200 pairs per style we highly recommend that you join our mailing list so you are able to pre-order our new styles prior to the public release. You can sign up at the bottom of this page.



Have more questions? Please contact us and we will be more than happy to help you!