After Purchase Guide

Congratulations and welcome to the addiction! We want you to love and cherish your new shoes and have some easy tips and ticks to help keep your shoes beautiful for years to come! 

If you can't find an answer to a question or just need some extra help we are here for you always! Simply click here to contact us directly.

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  1. When is the best time to try on my new shoes?
  2. Will my new shoes stretch?
  3. I have one foot bigger than the other so one shoe is tight?
  4. My heels are slipping out of the shoe?
  5. I want to buy more shoes - will I be the same size in the other styles?
  6. Caring & Maintenance
  7. Storing your shoes
  8. Things To Avoid In Your Shoes
  9. Feedback & Rewards
  10. I Need To Return/ Exchange

1. When is the best time to try on my new shoes?

Getting home from work at 6pm is often the worst time to try on new footwear as your feet will have swollen during the day. This effect can be even worse in hotter months and feet can swell to almost a size in difference. 
We recommend trying your shoes on in the morning as this will give you the best natural fit.

2. Will my new shoes stretch?

The best material that allows your foot to breath and stretch is genuine leather. All Scarletto’s shoes have full genuine leather insoles, socks and linings. So yes, Scarletto's shoes have an amazing amount of stretch if required and normally only need 1-2 hours of wear to conform to the shape of your foot.

How to stretch your shoes without damaging them:           

1) Sit them in the direct sunlight for 20-30 minutes (or 1-2 metres using other natural heat such as a fire place if you are devoid of sunlight). The heat will naturally warm and relax the leather. If you have particular issues with the toe section you can add a thick sock stuffed into the toe box while they are in the sun.

2) After warming, put a stocking on and slip them on. The stocking will help shape the shoes without biting and causing blisters.

3) Wear them for 1-2 hours sitting down (have a wine and watch your favourite show on TV)

In 99% of cases this will stretch the shoes beautifully and give you that worn in feel after only one go. You can repeat this process if needed.

3. I have one foot bigger than the other so one shoe is tight?

You might actually be surprised to learn that we all have one foot that is bigger than the other (it's fun being a girl huh), this can often make buying shoes an extremely frustrating experience.

Because our shoes are designed with full leather insoles socks and linings they will have a great amount of stretch so you will most likely find one shoe will need a little more stretching than the other. We understand this problem and part of our design features allow this to be overcome easily.

4. My heels are slipping out of the shoe?

This can sometimes be a length issue so first of all check to see if the length is correct. Easy trick for this is if you can fit any finger down the back between the heel and your shoe (sit on a chair to do this), then it will be a sizing issue and you will need to swap to a smaller size.

If you can't and the gap is only very small then a simple heel grip (you can buy these from any chemist or local supermarket for $1-2) apply this to the inside of the heel and this should easily fix the problem. You can also use a foot petal (gel pad) that can be placed under the ball of the foot, this is an alternate to a heel grip and will lift your foot and push it back into the heel of the shoe. Whichever alternative is most comfortable for you.

Some ladies find that pump style shoes (closed back shoes) constantly slip off the back of the heels due to shape of their ankle. If you suffer this constantly across a range of shoes then we would suggest switching to an alternate style such as a slingback that allows you to adjust the strap at the back to hold your heel easier.

5. I want to buy more shoes - will I be the same size in other styles?

Shoes are no exception, when we find something that works we stick with it.

Because our shoes are custom designed we have the ability to control the sizing for each and every style we release. This means that if you’re a size 8 in 1 style you should be an 8 across our whole range of shoes.

If you are in between sizes sometimes you can have a small variance (you might be a fraction smaller in a closed toe style as opposed to an open toe style).

You’ll find that most of our designs are made with the same last (template) so this means you will be exactly the same size if you are purchasing different colours of the same style.

Material doesn’t make any difference to your sizing either, it may just take a little longer to stretch to your foot shape. For example, a high patent (shiny) material may be a little stiffer than a suede or textile material.

6. Caring & Maintenance

The best way to clean your shoes is with a damp cloth, you don’t need any special cleaning fluids or solvents. Wipe them over, removing any dust or dirt then wipe with a dry clean cloth to remove any moisture.

7. Storing Your Shoes

We have supplied high quality dust covers which keep away dust, dirt and help to avoid scuffing or damage when your shoes are travelling. We recommend that you always keep your shoes in their dust covers and use the box for storage. This also helps resist mould or moisture build up which can cause damage. 

8. Things To Avoid In Your Shoes:

The 3 biggest causes of damage to shoes we see is:

  1. Driving in your shoes – This is the biggest cause of damage and leads to scuffing the base of the ankle (normally on the right foot) and leads to stitching damage and adverse material wear. We recommend having a pair of “driving shoes” you switch into to protect your good shoes from damage. 
  2. Kicking Your Office Chair – Crossing your ankles under the office chair will scuff up the heels. Try not to do the under chair cross.
  3. Leaving Your Shoes In The Car: High temps can cause severe damage to shoes and can lead to bonding issues (parts where your shoe is glued will become unstuck). Avoid leaving your shoes in cars or areas where they can overheat.

N.B. Do Not use a hairdryer on shoes at any time – this can cause burning or melting of material and will cause unrepairable damage.

Getting shoes wet: Happens to all of us when we get caught in the rain. Moisture can lead to linings going mouldy, weakening the material/stitching. We recommend if your shoes become wet to remove them (don’t continue wearing them) place them in direct sunlight until dried out (normally 2-3 hours).

9. Feedback & Rewards

We want to you have a fabulous experience with us each and every time. Your feedback is highly valued and appreciated so stay tuned to your email over the next few days you will be asked to review us.

Did you also know? You earn rewards points for every purchase you make with us. They accumulate and when you have enough you can get $20/$50/$100 vouchers to spend. These don’t expire and can be spent on any style any time including sale items. We are so grateful for your support and love rewarding our loyal fans.

N.B You need to be logged into your account to redeem points. 


10. I Need To Return / Exchange

We don’t believe in making this experience as hard as humanly possible in the hope you will give up. This is where you will see our customer service promises shine!

We want you absolutely love us so we take all the stress out of arranging a size swap or return.

You can lodge an exchange or return yourself by simply logging into your account, going to orders and following the prompts or if you don’t have the time, we are more than happy to help. Simply give us a call on 0435 711 490 or email us at and we will arrange the return for you.  

To meet the conditions for a refund or exchange please make sure:


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