Let Nature Be Your Guide - 6 Ways To Style Trinity

Let Nature Be Your Guide - 6 Ways To Style Trinity

Posted by SCARLETTOS - Candice Bernardoni (Designer) on 6th May 2022

Trinity is such an earthy gal and works so well with warm tones.  For an Autumn/winter look, team her with a gorgeous tan skirt (leather would be amazing) and a deep green cable knit rolled neck jumper.  Add a sleek hat and you will be looking the part!

Slip on your blue denim jeans, a soft pastel green linen shirt and a straw toned blazer with Trinity and you have a look that is both casual, yet classic!  Feel free to swap out the green linen for a fresh white or black linen shirt.

She loves to explore in her soft and floaty white linen pant.  Teamed with her spicy tan floaty linen top, she sets out to explore all that nature has to offer.  As she starts to feel the cool breeze upon her shoulders, she gently slips on her green cable knit roller neck jumper. Trinity gentle snuggles her feet as she wanders along the boardwalks, with nothing but the sound of the birdsong accompanying her!  (Do you get the picture ladies?)

Trinity is a ballet flat that is trans-seasonal and loves to get out and explore the local beaches.  Team her with your favourite cut off denim shorts and a crisp and feminine white linen singlet top.  You can also swap out the white top for a black or nutmeg (spicy shade).  Simply pick up the tones in the shoes to change out your top.  You can even pop the olive green sweater over your shoulders for the slightly cooler days.  Have fun in the sun Sisters!

Imagine those days where you are out in nature and feeling all feminine and flirty in your soft cream floaty dress.  Trinity has so many shades in her including a beautiful cream tone. Wear her with a shorter dress or a long maxi dress.  Keep it simple as Trinity is the hero here.

Team Trinity with a simple white casual dress that can be worn to a casual girls lunch at a seaside bistro.  This is such an easy way to dress if you live close to the sea or are taking a well deserved holiday!

Trinity is a ballet flat with so much tone and texture that I could have honestly styled her 1 million ways on this blog.  Ok, slight exaggeration there.  She is a shoe that can also be worn to the office so try her with a slick black pencil skirt and black silky blouse!  

We hope this style guide has given you a little bit of inspiration to raid your wardrobe, slip on Trinity and go out and enjoy all life has to offer.

Thank you Scarletto’s Sisters!

Kind regards