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Are Scarlettos Really That Comfortable? YES They Are! Here’s How & Why...


Shoe designers across the world love to make wild and wonderful claims about their shoes feeling like slippers and how you will love their marshmallow cloud-like comfort and never want to take them off… yeah right… we all know from our unsightly bunions, never ending blisters, foot and leg pain that this is a load of bollox and simply untrue.

As a rule, mass produced shoes are more often than not a nightmare to wear and will have you walking like a new born calf within minutes of putting them on! No-one needs that!

So what makes us so confident to say, hand-on-heart, 'Scarlettos are exceptionally comfortable shoes’?

Basically, it is all in the design. Comfort is our priority and at the core of everything we create! We don’t make shoes that are ‘kind -of’ comfortable, my aim is to design shoes that are genuinely a pleasure to have you your feet so you can feel confident and comfortable wearing them all day and night long.

Sure, there are other comfortable shoes out there but many of these are as stylish as ugg boots and leave us looking unwantedly dowdy and feeling like we never want to leave the house.

All of Scarlettos are created to enliven your individual style and make you feel great. Their colours are vibrant and textures exotic and each style is truly unique.

We only make 10 pairs in each size and design and once they are sold out there are not restocked. The good news is that each style is part of a limited collection which keeps the Scarletto's label special and unique so you won’t see every second lady at the party wearing the same shoes as you! 

Quite simply Comfort Has Never Looked So Good!

We are visual people so rather than a long list of comfort features and benefits we have summarised them in the infographic below. We will be doing one of these for each style which will be posted on this blog shortly.

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As always if you have any question or suggestions, please contact me I am available via phone, email or website live chat (see icon bottom right) and I would love to hear from you.

Sharing the love of stylish AND comfortable shoes,

Candice Bernardoni

Scarletto's Passionate Founder & Designer