Back to the Boardroom

Back to the Boardroom

Posted by SCARLETTOS - Candice Bernardoni (Designer) on 29th Oct 2021

Hey Scarletto's Sisters, Hasn't life been "interesting" over the past few months?  That's an understatement really.  For those of you who have been stuck at home doing zoom meetings from your dining room, lounge room or even bedroom, I'm sure you didn't pay too much attention to what was on your feet!  

I can almost hear that sigh of relief as you escape those four walls and are actually excited about going back to work and seeing humans, real humans!  I'm guessing that the shoe wardrobe hasn't been getting much of an outing lately and certainly not to the office.

It's now time to treat yourself to a swanky new pair of work heels to get you in the mood, get you motivated and quite frankly who needs an excuse !  

We have some beautiful classic shoes starting with "Nero".  She is a gorgeous black patent mid heel peep toe and has to be one of the most sexiest black shoes you will ever own!  She features an 8cm heel with a 1cm platform and added padding to her genuine leather sole.  She will take you to the bar after the boardroom and trust me, after a first day back to work after so long, you might just welcome this.

If you love "Nero" but are more a slingback type of gal, try out "Maxwell".  She's also a spring and summer stunner for those race day parties and weddings if black is your go to colour!

For the ladies wishing for lower heels, "Braxton" is a super cute, yet sophisticated low heel peep toe pump.  She is black and also has a sister in "Riddick".  Riddick is red and racy and not to be left behind and has a soft textured patina to her.  Take advantage of our super bulk deals and grab them both.

In navy we have beautiful "Noah".  She is a textured matt navy mid heel peep toe and is a classic beauty.  She too features super soft padding to her genuine leather upper (ok, let's face it, all Scarletto's shoes have this).  

If you are a little more daring in the office, "Roxy" is your gal.  She is a mid heel textured patent red (the most gorgeous red) peep toe pump.  She means business but is not afraid to take you to that after work Soiree to charm those new clients! 

Feeling like a light change, try "Bree" our nude, beige, sand Mid heel (call her what you wish) peep toe pump.  This beauty is a gorgeous textured patent fabric and loves to be taken out for lunch in between board meetings.  She is also a super sweet gal to wear to that spring or summer party, event or girls night out.  

The slingback equivalent to "Bree" is "Bella" and boy has she been popular.  She is the most delicious nude, skin toned textured fabric.  She also looks incredible with white and blue jeans for casual; Friday!

I could ramble on for hours about all styles but that would confuse you way too much, so hoping you now have a better idea of our top sellers for the boardroom!

Keep being fabulous Sisters and as we say here "own the room"!

Thank you Scarletto’s Sisters!

Kind regards