Black & White - 6 Ways To Style Dante

Black & White - 6 Ways To Style Dante

Posted by SCARLETTOS - Candice Bernardoni (Designer) on 14th Jan 2022

Black and white looks incredible with sharp bold colours such as the purple and red shown above.

Dante will look beautiful with a tailored purple jumpsuit.  

Keep the outfit simple as in this case, Dante is the hero.

Certain outfits lend themselves to a clash of pattern.

Dante works well with the tones of this floaty green, blue and black dress as there are elements of black in the dress.

Make sure there is a similar theme to the shoe in the pattern of the dress.

Again, a sharp bold contrast shows Dante off beautifully.

Nothing is taken away from either the shoe or the outfit with this gorgeous orange.

Change the orange suit out for a dress and you will get the same dramatic effect.

A weekend classic is Dante with your denim jeans and crisp white shirt.

Don't be afraid to add frills to a white shirt and change the denim out for black!

Either way, simple, uncluttered and timeless!

Oh, the gold, brown and black tones of this outfit work stunningly with Dante.

This is such a sultry, yet elegant look and a change from a dress.

The contrast of pattern in this soft silky patterned top complements Dante perfectly.

Hot pink is always a favourite with black and white.  

A gorgeous structured shirt with darker jeans is a perfect outfit for that weekend brunch!

To be honest any bold colour styled like this will be a winner with Dante!

We hope you love our looks!  Remember too, you can change the laces out in Dante and match them to your outfit.  Try a soft velvet or silk!

Have fun and don't forget to send us your photos of how YOU have styled Dante!

Thank you Scarletto’s Sisters!

Kind regards