Chic Elegance - 6 Ways To Style Natalia

Chic Elegance - 6 Ways To Style Natalia

Posted by SCARLETTOS - Candice Bernardoni (Designer) on 3rd Mar 2022

If you don't own a blazer Sisters, go grab one as they are the most practical item you can ever own!  A black and beige checked blazer with your blue jeans, black polo and scarf will work a treat with Natalia.  Add your tan handbag and you will be blazing the style trail!

The rich coffee colour of this silky pleated skirt with classic black will have Natalia being the hero of this outfit.  This is a simple, elegant and classic style that will be a staple in your wardrobe.

Oh la la Sisters.  This gorgeous tan leather skirt with black will have you looking like you are about to hit the streets of Paris.  Natalia will pick up the gorgeous warmth of this skirt and have you walking out in style!

A casual look with denim and this soft caramel gathered skirt is a great weekend look for Natalia. If you are heading out for casual drinks after 5, simply add a black leather jacket or coat to complete this look.

Tonal shades of this fitted beige pant and cable neck jumper give an elegant street style to Natalia. As you can see, this beautiful lady is incredibly versatile.  

Add a twist of rich deep green.  For the most part Natalia works best with neutrals but this green is a winner with the tan and soft sandy shades.  Pick up the black stitching and laces with a black casual handbag.