Chic & Timeless - 6 Ways To Style Ava

Chic & Timeless - 6 Ways To Style Ava

Posted by SCARLETTOS - Candice Bernardoni (Designer) on 6th May 2022

Don't let her warm softness fool you!  This girl Ava means business and will take you into the boardroom with confidence.  Team her with a navy blue suit that has just a hint of casual chic to it but retails the elegance that navy is so well known for.

The tones of Ava are a great complement to the navy.  Change this look out for an elegant tailored navy dress!

Oh my oh my, what fun in this gorgeous oatmeal linen pant and vest, teamed with an ever so pretty puffed sleeve!  

This look is a clever play on the mens suits and Ava just adds that touch of warmth and feminine intrigue to this stunning, classic outfit.

The very 'on trend' (but in my opinion, it never goes out of style) navy pleated skirt and v necked tee teamed with a mid beige casual jacket is just perfect for some sassy street styles!

Ava is a great complement to both these shades and really will add some punch to this outfit.

Oh my ... this gorgeous coral pleated relaxed pant and black tank is so rich and elegant.  Add a black jacket with tones of coral, soft blue and sage and you have such a stunning, warm Autumn/Winter Look.  

Ava will enjoy accompanying you in this outfit!

Step out in a frayed hem mid toned jean, soft linen khaki loose fitting tee and this gorgeous cream blazer and you have an effortlessly chic outfit.

Ava works so well with the khaki tones, so slip her on and you'll be noticing people "looking down"!

This look of soft greys plays on the softer side of Ava.  Team her with a matching mid thigh coat and blue handbag and you have a gorgeous weekend look.

To mix this up a bit, change out the blazer for navy blue or khaki !  

What Ava lacks in height, she certainly makes up for in colour and texture.  She is a shade that will work with so many shades.  Don't be afraid to mix her up with softer pinks and even stronger pink too!  

She's a lady who means business but also knows how to rock the "street styles".  Enjoy her and wear her often!

Thank you Scarletto’s Sisters!

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