Denim Blue - Simple Styling Tips for Dorian

Denim Blue - Simple Styling Tips for Dorian

Posted by SCARLETTOS - Candice Bernardoni (Designer) on 9th Dec 2021


Have you ever looked at a shoe and absolutely loved it, but talked yourself out of it because you just didn’t have the confidence to style or wear it? I know I have.

Today I’d love to share with you my simple styling tips for our gorgeous Dorian!

This beautiful mid heel three strap mule is a versatile lady with her subtly textured denim shade. She is the ideal shoe for summer and spring. I hope these simple suggestions may inspire you to take the leap! Remember too, nothing is ever wrong if it feels good to you.

Casual Elegance

Wear her with your favourite blue denim jeans and crisp white shirt. The jeans can either be a stovepipe fit or a wider leg. Add a crisp white linen shirt (or white tee) with sleeves rolled up to just below the elbow. If your shirt has a tab with a button on it, roll the sleeves up and button up. Tuck in the shirt, leaving one side untucked. To add some colour and impact, add a red belt with a dark charcoal or black buckle. Keep jewellery simple and in a pewter (dark charcoal shade). If you wish to add a layer, add a red blazer to the mix. Slip on Dorian, grab a red or dark charcoal clutch, handbag or tote bag, and you are good to go!

Don’t be afraid to switch out the red for a gorgeous saffron yellow or an emerald green.  Just have fun with accessories and remember, in this case, less is more.

The aim here is casual classic elegance.

Compliment her

One of the most complimentary colours you can wear with blue is orange. In design terms, blue and orange are opposite on the colour wheel which means  “they work together”!

You will notice in the image of this gorgeous patterned dress, that it features shades of orange with related tones of pink with subtle dots in a deep blue. This is where you pick up the blue in Dorian and you have your compliment. Too often we presume we need to pick a dominant shade in our outfit for our shoes. This is not always the case. It is about balance.

The tumeric, tan and natural block shades work beautifully with the denim shades of Dorian.  Keep accessories to the natural shades of tan and leather for this combination and let the blue of Dorian be the hero!  Try this combination with tan tailored shorts, crisp white shirt or tee and a gorgeous natural hat.  This will give you the casual elegance for those lazy hazy summer days!

You can relate to her

Another successful scheme with the denim blue shade of Dorian is a teal green. This combination is called a “related” scheme as these shades sit beside each other on the colour wheel. Together they create a harmonious scheme. Keep accessories simple and subtle with this scheme and add a natural or beige handbag. Don’t be afraid to go opposite sides of the blue and into a purple tone too! Keep it simple and bold if you are doing these schemes!

Casual Classic

Red, white and blue is a classic combination that will be around forever!  Mix it up with some stripes and add a denim jacket as shown above! 

You can never fail with white.  You can be confident that pretty much anything white will work with Dorian but try this stunning white shirt dress for an elegant casual combination!

I hope this has given you some confidence on styling. 

Before you rush out to buy new outfits, have a good look in your wardrobe to see what you already have that you may not have considered previously! It’s super fun and we would love to see your styling ideas too!

Thank you Scarletto’s Sisters!

Kind regards