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Your Bag

Facebook stuff up brings NZ ladies in droves.

In early September this year, I was planning out our marketing strategy for the month with my media manager, when a sudden family loss saw her taken out of action for 2 weeks. It’s always the hardest thing as a business owner to have the most important person of the business (who isn’t necessarily the owner by the way) suddenly unavailable and “off the grid”.

In an effort to make sure she didn’t feel under any pressure from my end, I decided that I would take over the Facebook advertising and do the ads so we could keep traffic floating along, you know the saying “I can do that, how hard could it be?” So, down I sit “for a half hour” to work myself through the maze of Facebook advertising and ad creation.

4 hours, 3 Merlots, 2 handfuls of hair and 1 minor meltdown later, I had finally completed 3 ads and was very proud of myself… and also taking a moment to appreciate how important it is to have a marketing manager.

So, the ads get started and the money starts being chewed away; as it turns out, one should not play with toys one does not fully understand. After 2 days we saw this random order from New Zealand pop up to be processed. 

Until now, we had decided to focus all our marketing budget on our own backyard in Australia as shipping costs and overseas order management can be quite tricky when you’re a small business and we didn’t have the volume to negotiate any discounts with major couriers for international orders. So to see any international order come through was a great achievement.

Thinking to myself wow, that’s cool I packaged up the order happily, and got it underway. Then, a second order came through the same day. You would think I would be happy, but now I was suspicious… I got caught by fraudulent orders in the USA before which resulted in me sending $500 of product overseas then having the money ripped back out of my account 2 months later as a “charge back”. So I rang the customer to make sure she was legit and asked her how she heard about Scarlettos? her answer was “I just kept seeing all these Facebook ads so decided to check you out” 

I was thrilled that she was so excited to find us, then confused because I was thinking, what Facebook ads?…. Then very worried…. Had I just spent a bucket of money advertising to the wrong country???

I jumped onto our Ads Manager straight away and checked all the ads I had done. Yep, my worries were confirmed. All those hours spent double checking picture size and spelling and I missed the most important section… Target Country. I sat back, recited curse words in my head then had a look at the figures and decided to let it run for a couple of days more and see what happens. I’m a huge believer in fate and the whole “some things are meant to happen for a reason” and as it turns out never truer words were spoken.

As a result of my stuff up, Scarlettos are now flocking onto New Zealand feet with over 250 orders in the last 3 months. We even have some serious shoe addicts buying 8 and 9 pairs in a single shop (Lisa and Marie, yes, I’m talking about you two) who are now fans for life. 

The results have really been amazing and have led to us finally securing a shipping agreement with a major courier so we can better service our customers and also save a bit of money, which let’s be real, ultimately gets spent on more shoes.

So, moral of the story, stuff ups and mistakes can sometimes lead to great things and always keep trying to succeed in anything you chose to do. When I started Scarlettos I was not a marketing queen or a fashion guru. I simply saw a need in the market for stylish comfortable shoes that help women feel great about themselves. So, I asked myself, how hard could it be?

Sharing the love of great shoes,

Candice Bernardoni

Owner & Designer