Glamour & Style - 6 Ways To Style Zayden

Glamour & Style - 6 Ways To Style Zayden

Posted by SCARLETTOS - Candice Bernardoni (Designer) on 3rd Mar 2022


Oh be still my beating heart, Zayden is here ladies and she is most definitely a jewel in your crown.  

Team her with a gorgeous emerald green silky dress and you will most definitely be turning heads.  This shoe will work well with a pleated emerald green skirt and silky button through blouse also.  Let your imagination run wild.

So they say and in this case it is most definitely true.  The red, black and white features of Zayden work as a sharp and unpredictable contrast to this formal purple corporate dress.  

The office will be way more exciting in Zayden ladies.

Zayden is going to add glamour  and sophistication to your red power suit.    Wear her to the office or for an after five event where you will most definitely turn heads. 

To mix it up, swap out the red pant for a black skirt and vice versa.  This way you will achieve so many looks by simply using two colours.

A classic black skirt and fitted top will show off Zayden beautifully.  Don't be afraid to add a non traditional shoe such as Zayden to your staple black items in your wardrobe.  This gorgeous shoe will work with almost any black item you have in your wardrobe.

You've just arrived in the city wearing your fitted black jeans, your black tee and your classic red blazer.  Zayden is your shoe of choice as you know you will be feeling a little thirsty for that long awaited Margarita after a successful days shopping. 

You swap out your blazer for a long red overcoat you simply had to have and head for the nearest rooftop bar to view the city lights and admire Zayden as you sip on that drink.  

Are you getting the picture Sisters?

Who said a black and white dress had to be worn with just black shoes!  Most definitely we like to push the boundaries here and give that outfit even more va va voom than it already possesses.  

Team our gal Zayden with this superb dress and you will have an exciting blend of both classic and chic!  Add a red or purple clutch bag to complete the look.

Oh how I love a black and white shoe.  Add some red in it and I'm sold!  Zayden is a statement shoe with such a versatile design and pattern.  So Sisters, go look deep into your wardrobe, pull out all your clothes and start dreaming of a life with Zayden

Don't blame me if you now feel compelled to go shopping in New York!

Thank you Scarletto’s Sisters!

Kind regards