Posted by SCARLETTOS - Candice Bernardoni (Designer) on 27th Jan 2019

Navy is one of the staple colours throughout all seasons. Such a gorgeous tone that can be worn all year round in both Winter and Summer. 

However, many of us get confused about the "rules" of Navy and tend to think a Navy outfit needs to be matched with identical navy shoes. This would be a no no in my book, you would be surprised at how many tones match Navy perfectly and will be guaranteed to make you stand out of the dim.

I personally love Navy as brings so many beautiful options of colour to the table.

Here are some perfect matches to highlight your Navy outfit and guarantee you stand out of the crowd. Doesn't matter if you're going for the soft feminine look, or the knockout punch. Here are all the combinations you need to get your perfect look.

Preston - Stilettos (Soft Pink)

This soft pink is a beautiful match for Navy and gives and overall feminine look to your outfit. You can match the colour of accessories with some earring highlights and compliment with Silver. A great trick if you don't have the matching handbag to work with an outfit but need some mid section colour, get your nails done to match your shoes and then use a staple block clutch.

Crystal - Mid Heel (Silver)

Silver is such an easy combination with Navy and adds a lovely sparkle to your overall look. Match will Silver accessories. A very staple colour that wont see you having to search high and low to find suitable accessories.

Flame - Mid Heel (Orange)

For those feeling more adventurous and really want to draw the eye, then orange is a fantastic combination for Navy. Don't go to overboard with accessories, keep it simple to smashing shoes and clutch, matched with a simple orange necklace or earrings to complete the look. 

Bella - Mid Heel (Nude)

The classic nude is always a wonderful way to tone Navy and gives a soft all over neutral look. It's an easy go to when you're not sure what to wear. Match with a nude clutch and accessories such as bone or other naturals