Posted by SCARLETTOS - Candice Bernardoni (Designer) on 27th Aug 2021

There is nothing sexier or more powerful, that a confident woman who feels great about herself! The gorgeous “Leo” Leopard mid heel slingback is a shoe that is going to do just that.

Oh la la ladies, prepared to be noticed. In nature, the distinctive markings on big cats served as camouflage, helping them to blend into their surroundings when hunting prey. Unlike these magnificent predators, humans have donned this distinctive animal pattern to be noticed; leopard print demands an audience.

This sexy, playful, decadent and vibrant pattern once reserved for royalty, came into vogue with the revolution in technology and the rise of mass production in the early 1900’s. Textiles could be produced quickly, transforming every industry.

Couture experienced a creative awakening as never seen before. From its’ inception in textile, leopard print – long used as a symbol of a warrior’s power or a ruler’s wealth, became a sensation, adopted by daring trendsetters and members of the avante-garde including film stars such as Carole Lombard.

The desire for leopard print continues today as stars flaunt their feline-inspired spots on film and stage, the catwalk and the red carpet.

Whether you have a red carpet event to attend, a cocktail party or a casual lunch planned with some of your most loved feminine friends, “Leo” will lead you there.

“Leo” features an 8cm heel height (7cm pitch including the platform and an adjustable ankle strap with buckle. She is excellent for wide feet and bunions as well as the slender foot.

She is padded with high density latex cushioning so you can dance the night away if you so desire. She features a 100% genuine leather lining sock and insole with a manmade leather upper. This shoe is true to size.

“Leo” is simply stunning with a black outfit as she will be your hero piece. Your feet will do the walking and the shoes will do the talking!

Simply don’t limit yourself to just black ladies. If you are feeling more daring and a little cheeky and flirtatious, try a stunning, well fitted red dress! Oh my oh my…. The heads will turn.

“Leo” looks stunning with denim jeans, a caramel roll necked polo and an oversized black tote for a day out.

Try her also with a jean, a slinky black camisole and a tan leather jacket.

The ways “Leo” will work for you are endless and will be a knockout statement piece any way you want to wear them.

Thank you Scarletto’s Sisters!

Kind regards