The Colour Wheel - How to Make Sense of Colour

The Colour Wheel - How to Make Sense of Colour

Posted by SCARLETTOS - Candice Bernardoni (Designer) on 20th Dec 2021

Sisters, have you ever wondered why some colours work better together than others?  

You look at a combination and you just know it sits right with you?

Some colours have you feeling better than others - they may promote different moods in you.  

There is theory behind this called the "Psychology of Colour".  

I won't go into the huge detail around every colour and why, but I'd like to explain a little about the Colour Wheel.

There are several different schemes, for example:  A complimentary colour scheme.  This is where two colours fall opposite on the colour wheel ... using orange and blue as an example.  They compliment each other.

Related schemes are colours that sit beside each other on the colour wheel.  For example as shown above, blue- green/ blue/ blue-violet.  These colours are all in the same family, hence the word "related".  They can relate to each other in a scheme.

There are also triadic colour schemes whereby there are three colours spaced equally apart on the colour wheel, for example: orange purple and green, making a great colour combination.

If you are wanting a fresh, zingy scheme, you could take the lead from yellow-green, yellow and yellow-orange which is a beautifully executed related scheme.

Now you don't have to go all bold and out there and these techniques can also be used for pastel schemes. 

Making sense?

Next time you are having doubts about loving the colour of a shoe but are just not too confident that you can pull it off, jump online and download a colour wheel and you can't go wrong!

Remember too ladies, rules are made to be broken and if you love it, if it makes you feel good, just do it!

Thank you Scarletto’s Sisters!

Kind regards