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[Video] How To Break In New Shoes | Scarlettos Shoe Tips - Episode 1

Have you ever bought new shoes that give you a bit of grief for the first few wears?

Here Scarletto's owner and designer Candice Bernardoni shares some great tips on how to break in those new shoes quickly and easily.

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Hi ladies, Candice from Scarletto’s. Today I am going to share some tips for Cassie who asked for some ways to break in shoes without hurting your feet.

So number one, I’m going to mention materials here as well, a lot of shoes these days have synthetic linings, and synthetic material on the inside of your shoe simply does not have the capabilities of genuine leather, when it comes to shaping and stretching and molding to your foot. So if you are having constant problems trying to break in shoes, check your linings, you may need to switch to something that is a genuine leather lining.

So tip number one – Shoes in the sun for 10 minutes, direct sunlight will help heat and expand the leather so when you put your foot in it will shape and mold to your foot a lot quicker than doing it cold or room temperature.

Also put on a stocking or a sockette when you slip your foot into the shoe. This will help stretch and shape the shoe without biting in the areas that you know you need the width in.

When you are breaking in shoes don’t decide to break in a pair of shoes by wearing them all day, you’ll be crippled by the end of it. An hour or two over three or five days is a great way to break in shoes without hurting your feet. For Scarletto’s fans, you will find that you’ve only got an hour, two at most, before your shoes are shaped to your feet.

For those that need extreme expansion, [Laughs] I heard this the other day, get a bag, put some water in it and put the bag of water in your shoe, then put the whole lot in the freezer and the water as it freezes will help expand your shoes. The frozen chicken is gonna think you’re nuts but if you need some serious expansion give that a go, just don’t damage your shoes [Laughs].

That’s all I’ve got for today. If you have a question or if you would like some help in regards to shoes, feet, fashion, leave a comment below and don’t forget to share this if you know someone who is having trouble breaking in their shoes. Thanks, bye!

Sharing the love of stylish AND comfortable shoes,

Candice Bernardoni

Scarletto's Passionate Founder & Designer