What are the secrets behind buying shoes to fit wide feet?

What are the secrets behind buying shoes to fit wide feet?

Posted by Scarlettos on 4th Jul 2017

Who can relate to the feeling of frustration because of the inconvenience of being stuck with irregularly wide feet? I know it all too well, as my feet are wider than average and are an ‘awkward’ (putting it nicely) shape. So sisters, I am feeling your pain and frustration!

It can get depressing as you are always compromising and choosing between style and comfort. Do I want to be comfortable and look dowdy or do I want to ramp up my style and spend the day (and following days) in pain? You then either end up buying shoes that are a size too big or drag your days through the pain of wearing the shoes that just won’t stop biting into your feet.

So how do you make sure the shoes you buy are the right fit for your size and are comfortable as well? Here are a few tips to help you out.

Find brands that have leather inners

We highly recommend that if you have wide or awkward shaped feet, you find shoe brands that have genuine leather inner linings. Despite what many people think the outer material of your shoe does not influence your comfort factor. It literally is, what’s on the inside that counts!

Good quality leather inner linings offers so many advantages with the key being that your shoes will stretch and comform to fit your feet no matter how wide, lumpy or bumpy.

Leather also breathes so your shoes will not get smelly which is a huge bonus!

Leather is also very durable so your shoes will last a lot longer and with the added comfort of leather you will be drawn to your leather lined shoes every time so durability is key.

Find brands that are specially designed for wider feet

Some shoes are specifically designed with wide feet in mind. They are designed with a wider foot-bed giving you more room than regular shoes along with a higher vamp, (the vamp is the part of the shoe that covers the toe), which will also give your feet and toes more room to move.

When buying shoes for the wide feet we often make the mistake of either buying shoes that are a size bigger or going for our right size in length that simply do not fit our width and you feel as if you are ‘breaking them in’ forever.

In either case, the life of the shoe ends up decreasing and you end up further deteriorating the shape of your feet. In short, it is not worth it!

It pays to seek brands that a specifically designed for ladies (or men) with larger and wider feet, give them a try, you will be amazed at the difference.

Some fabrics & styles are always more comfortable

There are some fabrics that automatically adjust on your feet. They will not only fit you better but give you more room to breathe. Since not all fabrics are created equal, it is better to go for the ones that offer stretch which will feel more comfortable and give off a better look too.

Also, always buy shoes with a good padding underfoot because they give you the extra comfort that your feet need when wearing shoes for any length of time.

Again, choose shoes with leather inners and styles with straps, stretch material, elastic or a buckle on the side which will allow the shoes to adjust to your feet and increase your level of comfort.

To sum up...

When it comes to the right shoes, the brand, and the style matters a lot. This becomes even more important when you have wider than the ‘norm’ feet. The key is to stick to brands that specialise in making shoes for your size and width. The best ones you will be able to trust with the comfort of your feet and for giving you shoes that make you look stylish too.

Scarlettos specialises in Ladies Shoes for wide feet

After working in the corporate world for many years wearing very pretty but terribly uncomfortable shoes, I decided that I had not only had enough but I mustn’t be the only one with this issue. I searched tirelessly for shoes that offered both comfort and style and also did not cost the earth. Quite simply, there were none that I could find and this sent me on a quest.

My mission was to overcome this problem for the many ladies around the world who, (just like me), weren’t blessed with petite, perfectly sized and proportioned feet.

Despite the naysayers and people calling me crazy, I decided to create my own shoe label, hence Scarlettos was born and it has been the most exciting and rewarding business venture of my life.

Quite simply Scarlettos is a shoe label where I design the shoes from ground up where style AND comfort are of equal importance. Best of all ladies from far and wide are finally loving wearing comfortable shoes that also offer style and durability in spades.

My mission is to create quality shoes that not are comfortable enough to be worn all day but also look fabulous on your feet. Oh yes and they DON’T cost the earth!

I started the range with vibrantly coloured and exotically textured Stilettos and due to popular demand now offer a collection of Ballet Flats, Mid-Heels and Wedges. I plan to release up to 10 new styles every year in a range of fabulous colours and textures for you to enjoy!

From the initial design phase through to the material used, Scarlettos are designed especially to suit wide feet. Narrow and ‘normal’ width feet can also wear them as the full leather interiors are designed to mold and fit your feet no matter what their width is and irregularities you may have!

I do hope you love the designs, there are colours and styles to suit everyone and I do know for sure that you will love their superior comfort! 

Seriously …. Comfort Has Never Looked So Good!

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For any questions or suggestions, please contact me, I would love to hear from you!

Sharing the love of stylish AND Comfortable shoes,

Candice Bernardoni
Scarletttos Founder &Designer