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Women’s Flat Shoes

A lot of our clients ask us when they should try on their flat shoes to ensure that they fit correctly. Here’s a scenario… You get home at 6 PM after being on your feet all day and you’re thrilled to see that your new winter flat shoes have been delivered. You try on the shoes only to be disappointed that they too tight. This is because after being on your feet all day, they’ve swollen. In hotter months, your feet can even swell to another shoe size! The best time to try on your new comfortable flats is in the morning as this will give you the most natural fit. 

When Should I Try On Flat Shoes?

Another question we get from our clients is whether their new women's flat shoes will stretch. All of Scarletto’s shoes are made with genuine leather insoles, socks, and linings. This is because leather is the best material for allowing your feet to breath and stretch as they swell during the day. So the answer is yes, your comfortable flats will stretch and normally only take an hour or two to mould themselves to the natural shape of your foot. This means that when you buy flat shoes from us, you’re guaranteed maximum comfort. 

If you want to stretch your new flat shoes without damaging them, we recommend that you wear them for an hour or two, preferably while say with a glass of wine and enjoying your favourite TV show. This will give them that perfectly worn-in feel after just one go so you don’t have to wait to wear them out and about all day long. Alternatively, place them in direct sunlight for 20-30 minutes to warm the leather. Then put on a stocking and wear your new shoes. The stocking will shape the toe section perfectly without causing blisters.

Buy Flat Shoes You’ll Love

We pride ourselves on exceptional customer service, impeccable quality, and unique custom flat shoe designs. You’re guaranteed to find something truly one of a kind every time you shop with us. You could be walking around in comfortable flats sooner than you think because we have free worldwide shipping and will dispatch your shoes within 48 hours. What are you waiting for? Buy your new flats from us and stop sacrificing comfort for style.

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