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Choose from our feminine sling-backs or timeless pumps, both featuring a cheeky peep-toe and flattering heel that helps to elongate the ankles and legs offering an ultra-slimming effect.

These exquisite day-to-evening stilettos allow you to dress them up or down for an effortless chic style. Be comfortable wearing them from desk to dinner and even an evening on the dance floor!

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Casual Flat Shoes: Just What Your Wardrobe Needs

Casual flat shoes are a staple item in any woman’s wardrobe. You would think that it would be easy to find the right pair that are comfortable and still look amazing, but it can sometimes feel like you are making your way through a minefield. Not with Scarletto’s. We are proud to be different by producing unique designs that not only look fabulous but also make you feel fabulous.

Intrigued? Want to know more? Read on to discover just what makes flat casual shoes from Scarletto’s different.

Flat Shoes with a Difference

Isn’t a flat shoe just a flat shoe? The simple answer is no. It all comes down to the design and the materials that are used during the manufacturing process. It may go without saying, but cheaply made shoes are never going to bring you the comfort that your feet desire. Cheap shoes may cause your feet to sweat and they do not mould to the unique shape of your feet.

At Scarletto’s, all our shoes are made with genuine leather insoles, socks and linings because we know that this brings the greatest comfort. Along with this, the leather allows your shoes to mould to your feet, offering you unparalleled comfort.

When it comes to choosing casual flats from Scarletto’s, you will be met with a wide variety of choice that will add interest to your wardrobe. By adding a pop of colour to your feet, your day will instantly brighten, and you may feel your spirits lift. 

What’s more, flat shoes are perfect for dressing up and down, which is why they are often such a popular choice of shoe. Whether you are off out with the family for the day or you want a comfortable pair of shoes that add interest to your work outfit, a flat shoe can be worn throughout the day and you will be able to do all your necessary tasks, just with feet that look more beautiful!

Quick! Where Do I Buy Such Fashionable Flats?

You can view our range of flats online and make your perfect purchase. With free delivery worldwide, everyone can take advantage of our amazing designs.

You also will not have to wait long for your new shoes to arrive. We dispatch in 48 hours as we know how hard it is to wait for the perfect pair of shoes to arrive.

When you get your new shoes, try them on in the morning. We know it can be tempting to try them on as soon as you get in from work, but if you have been busy and on your feet all day, your feet can swell and therefore it may not be the comfortable and pleasurable experience you had been imagining.

To allow your new shoes to mould to the shape of your feet, slip them on, sit back and enjoy a good book or television show for an hour or two. And really, who needs an excuse to do this?

We are sure you are going to love your new shoes as much as we do. In the unlikely event that you do not, you can return them to us in an unused condition within 30 days.

Scarletto’s makes women’s casual flat shoes a treat for your eyes and your feet. Get yours today and you will not be disappointed.

Casual Flats That Your Feet Will Love

Flat casual shoes can be paired with almost any outfit. Whether you are out for lunch with the girls, taking your children out for the day, or going on a shopping spree, a pair of casual flat shoes from Scarletto’s lets you do it in style and comfort.

While the words style and comfort hardly ever go together, when you shop at Scarletto’s, you will find that that is what we specialise in. Our shoes are eye candy for your feet, and can still give you all the comfort and support that you need.

Unique Designs that Make You Stand Out from the Crowd

There is a reason that ballet flats have become so popular with women everywhere. They give your feet the comfort that flat shoes bring, but they also have a cute and feminine look. However, buying cheap, inferior flats can often lead to frustration when they soon stretch too far out of shape and fall apart not long after you have had them. You will not find this in Scarletto’s casual flats. Our shoes are designed to be durable and are well made with high-quality materials. 

If you love buying new shoes but feel disappointed when you find out that everyone is wearing the same as you, you do not have to worry when you shop at Scarletto’s. Our casual flats have a one-of-a-kind design, and 90% of our items are not restocked.

In fact, we usually only make 200 pairs of each shoe with only 15 pairs in each size. So, wherever you go, you never have to be dressed the same as everyone else again. It does mean that you need to hurry though. Once you have found your perfect pair of women’s casual flat shoes, be sure add them to your shopping bag quickly and head to the checkout – we would hate you to be disappointed.

Our shoes are suitable for a wide variety of feet. Often, you may find that pretty shoes only cater to women with small, slim feet. At Scarletto’s, our shoes work for all women, so even if you have bunions, wide feet or other foot problems, you can still seek comfort from our shoes.

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