Tired of uncomfortable boring shoes? You are in the right place!

Choose from our feminine sling-backs or timeless pumps, both featuring a cheeky peep-toe and flattering heel that helps to elongate the ankles and legs offering an ultra-slimming effect.

These exquisite day-to-evening stilettos allow you to dress them up or down for an effortless chic style. Be comfortable wearing them from desk to dinner and even an evening on the dance floor!

Limited Collections - You will not find these styles anywhere other than on this website and with our selected stockists. We hand select all materials and create limited collections of all styles so be sure to get yours before she does!

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Purchase Ladies Shoes For Wide Feet From Scarletto’s

At Scarletto’s, we understand that finding comfortable ladies shoes for wide feet can be a challenge as not everyone caters to this foot shape. However, that is not the case with us as we are an inclusive brand and offer designs for everyone. No matter what style of women's shoes for wide feet you are searching for, you can rest assured you will find what you are looking for here. 

We have a huge range of shoe designs for you to choose from at Scarletto’s. Here are some of the most popular heels you can shop at our online store: 

  • Red mid heel wedge - Chilli by Scarletto’s
  • Nude mid heel slingback - Bella by Scarletto’s 
  • Pink mid heel pump - Petra by Scarletto’s 
  • Pink python low heel boot - Iris by Scarletto’s 
  • Black mid heel pump - Eclipse by Scarletto’s 
  • Black mid heel peep toe sandal - JoJo by Scarletto’s 
  • White mid heel slingback - Whitney by Scarletto’s

You can view our full range of shoes by clicking on the Shop All tab here on our website. 

Why Our Shoes Are Great For Women With Wide Feet

We have created our shoes to suit many different types of feet, so no matter whether you have narrow or wide feet, our shoes will be a great choice for you. When you purchase a pair of Scarletto’s, you will be getting a pair of shoes that are fully leather lined, have insoles and socks. Why is this important? This is what gives your shoe the wiggle room it needs to stretch to the shape of your feet and mould themselves to you. The heels designed at Scarletto’s have a wider footbed which us better suited to our client base and our customer with wider feet particularly love our flat shoes as they are designed with a longer toe piece and higher sides. This allows for more width on the shoe, but you do not have to worry about the sides collapsing and your shoes being ruined quickly. 

Why Leather Is So Important For Wide Feet

If you have wide feet, having leather lined shoes is an absolute must-have. 

  • They will stretch to your feet
  • They do not smell as the leather allows the shoe to breathe
  • It is extremely durable and will last you for years to come. 

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Are you following the Scarletto’s social channels yet? Then what are you waiting for? Make sure you head on over and follow our range of channels. We are currently on Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, Twitter and Youtube and this is where you will be one of the first customers to know about our latest company news, new product releases and sales that we are having. Furthermore, we have a fantastic newsletter for our customers who want to become a Scarletto’s Sister! Sign up today and you will receive $30 off your first pair of shoes as a VIP member. 

Wide Feet – Count on Scarletto’s for Beautiful Shoes

Shoes that are made to be beautiful are not usually made for real women, with ‘real’ feet. They are at best, uncomfortable, and at worst, damaging to your health and your feet. Comfy shoes for wide feet usually tend to be… less than stylish.

Scarletto’s was created by Candice Bernardoni. Like most women, she suffered excruciating leg pain and sore feet from wearing uncomfortable high heels – the accepted norm for her corporate job in the finance industry.

In 2014, Candice decided that enough was enough – and that women in Australia and across the world were suffering because there was a gap in the market for affordable shoes that combined unique style and unmatched comfort. Women with real feet that did not fit comfortably in fashionable shoes had to make a choice – do they sacrifice comfort for style, or should they just accept that comfortable footwear must look awful?

With Scarletto’s, the choice isn’t between comfort and style. The choice is which style you want! A whole range of ladies’ shoes for wide feet, allowing you to be comfortable, glamorous, and confident. Each shoe has been uniquely designed, and with limited collections released each month featuring striking colours and exotic textures, the choice of footwear is almost infinite.

The Key to Comfort is the Fit

Squashed toes, blisters and rubbing – wearing shoes that don’t fit properly can cause so many problems for your feet. But, compensating for the pain caused by uncomfortable shoes can make you change your gait, putting pressure on your legs and causing unimaginable pain and problems.

Wide feet needn’t mean that you must choose ugly shoes, however. Scarletto’s shoes are made for ‘real’ feet – with a wider footbed and in the flats particularly, longer toe pieces and higher sides, make Scarletto’s shoes comfortable and supportive.

We create our shoes with 100% genuine leather insoles, socks, and liners. Leather is a breathable and naturally stretchy material that will mould to your foot shape quickly. We use European Sizing to make sure our sizes are accurate.

This signature comfort technology is not all that Scarletto’s can offer. When you have great fitting shoes you feel more confident – and when they look stunning, you are unstoppable.

Unique Design – Monthly Releases

Every month Candice designs brand new styles. Using the best materials and gorgeous colours, each monthly release has limited stock – and in many styles, once it is gone, it’s gone. We do not restock 90% of our styles – and that is why our shoes are so beloved by fashionistas, fashion bloggers and everyday women around the world.

Make the most of Scarletto’s by becoming a Scarletto’s Sister. Joining our community gives you access to special offers, gifts, and discounts – as well as early-bird access to pre-sale – which can sometimes be the only way to get hold of certain styles because they sell out so quickly.

When you know what you are looking for, choosing your perfect style is easy. Scarletto’s shoes are available with different size heels, as flats or as wedges. Every shoe is created to be perfectly comfortable, and ultimately stylish – whether a flat or a killer stiletto.

Getting your own style from Scarletto’s will offer you the freedom to choosy beauty and comfort.

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